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Don Weberg 

Don continually mutters about cloning himself, indicating that somehow having two of him will make life easier. But for whom? The idea generator behind GSM, Don finished his time at California State University Long Beach with three degrees in Journalism and Communications, and has worked for the past decade as a freelance writer/photographer for a variety of automotive magazines and Websites around the globe, as well as within marketing and advertising departments within automotive and healthcare corporations. He currently works eight-days a week perfecting GSM. Passionate about cars since birth, there doesn't seem to be a marque he doesn't like. He is currently considering the purchase of a 1987 Yugo Turbo Convertible, but has also been eyeballing a 1958 Plymouth Sport Suburban (station wagon), DeLorean, Iso Rivolta, Facel Vega. you get the point. Married to Michele the business manager of GSM, they have a daughter, Kaitlyn, who was born while Don was editing issue number 5 in the delivery room! It's a family affair here at GSM!

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