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Building the Great Garage

Recently I had the great opportunity of being on the podcast, “Horsepower, Chrome, and Rust” with Brady Wright, Shane Osborn, and Steve Johann and had an absolute ball talking with them.  A trio of good car guys, listening to HC&R is a great way for likeminded people to unplug from the world and know that out there are millions of other car guys who share the same interests as we do.  Some people listen to sportscasts, we can listen to carcasts.  If you get a chance, check out the podcast which is linked on the Garage Style Magazine Facebook and our very own Newsletter.

The podcast touched on the idea of creating a great garage and how to go about it, and it’s been my experience that the first thing that needs to be done is getting the floor squared away.  In order to do that, everything has to come out of the garage and a blank canvas is left – with everything out, it allows you to go through all the odds and ends that have been in the garage for all these years.  What to keep, what to throw away, and what to donate will all come out in the wash.  But – before cleaning the garage out, it’s a good idea to set up a shed.  A place to keep lawn and garden care equipment, pool supplies, bicycles, and so on to get them out of the garage and alleviate a lot of the clutter.  A lot of times garages can’t be done in one or even two days, so divide the garage up into sections, maybe quarters, and tackle them one at a time over a series of days as your schedule allows.  More than anything, building a great garage takes time.  Allow for the time, and you’ll allow for success.  Also – consider what you use the garage for.  By identifying that you do little to no mechanical work, you’ll cut that idea out of what the garage needs – do you like having friends over to enjoy talk time?  Set up a seating area.  Think it through, don’t just copy the standard idea of workbenches and tool storage, especially if you don’t need them.  Use your imagination and think about what’s truly important to you and your needs.

I hope you enjoy this issue – thanks for stopping by!

- Don Weberg

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