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Are We Back Online?

So, 2020 is officially behind us, and 2021 is off to a – well, a 2020-style start.  But give it time, maybe it’ll shape up to become a better year.  Let’s be hopeful.  One ray of optimism is that many Concours events are looking to come back online this year, so we have that to look forward to if everything holds together.  In the spirit of helping things along, GSM will be joining up with more than our usual number of events from around the world, promoting them throughout the year.  With luck, we will continue to learn about Covid, outsmarting it and thwarting it as time goes on, quashing it into a minor irritation.

In spite of the dangers and fears, a number of events came back online toward the end of last year such as The Palm Event in Florida.  Scott Schrader and his team assemble a fabulous extravaganza of automotive decadence at Mar-a-Lago, one that proves an enjoyable time for everyone. Mecum Auctions was another company that eased back into the live event forum hosting their sales in various cities throughout the country with great success.  We’ve all learned that, for now, safety lay in the precautions of wearing masks, social distancing, washing hands, not touching the face, keeping hands to ourselves, and lots of airspace.  While it’s not exactly our norm, it’s exciting to me that we are overcoming the situation.

In that spirit, Monterey Car Week seems to be planning ahead with gusto, as do many others such as the Audrain Newport Concours and Motor Week at the end of September, the La Jolla Concours in April, the San Marino Motorcar Festival in August, the Greenbriar Motorcar Festival in late April, the Keenland Concours in July, Chattanooga Motorcar Festival in October, and so many more.  The new year is shaping up nicely – let’s hope it keeps on that track.

With that said, many of you have asked if the Garage Tour will be taking place this year during Monterey Car Week, and the short answer is no.  However – we are planning our triumphant return for 2022.

So – here’s to hoping 2021 proves an upswing!  Thanks for stopping by.

-Don Weberg

GSM has temporarily suspended printing the magazine.  In the coming months, we will return with a digital platform.  The hope is, GSM will resume printing in the near future, but meanwhile, we look forward to bringing you the new digital version soon!  Thank you!”

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