Garage Style Magazine

ISSUE 34 - Fall 2016

Our 34th issue is out and about and celebrates all things garage and moves closer to showcasing various regular-sized garages, or spaces of a 1- to 4-car size.  With all the interest that has been expressed in recent months to see more of them, we hope you like what you see!!  Our cover garage is a fantastic 3-car garage that is home to a very special Ferrari 348.  Known as DADSGFT, the 348 has an amazing tale attached to it from which many others have sprung, all straight from the heart, all inspiring and touching.  I think many of us can relate to some of the stories, which is part of why this community is so special.  Another fabulous space hails from Florida.  Resembling the old poster "Justification for Higher Education," it showcases a sweet horde of sports cars among fantastic posters and collectibles.  
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Thanks for stopping by - enjoy!
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