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Rick Rader

Rick Rader was 9 when he saw a Morgan drive down the street; he said to himself, "I don't know what that is but I'm going to have one, one day," and he did along with a collection of other esoteric cars including a Matra, a Berkeley, White fire truck, MGPB, Dodge pick up, American Bantam, Ferrari, NSU, Porsche, Nash, Model T speedster and way  too many pedal cars and tether cars. Rick and his brother Phil competed in two Mille Miglias in their 1930 Aston Martin boat tail racing car.

He has been with GSM since the first issue. A car guy who truly cherishes time in his garage. He served an apprenticeship at a vintage racing restoration shop before moving on to medical school and currently works with patients with developmental disabilities.

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